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Large Roll-Off Container

Business garbage service -Dumpsters, Roll-Off Containers

We provide a complete range of solid waste services, including collection, transportation, disposal, and recycling for business and commercial needs. Our team is committed to providing prompt, dependable, cost efficient waste services. We are experienced with handling and management of solid waste including how it impacts the operations of your business.

At RMS Disposal, inc. we have the right size roll-off container to meet your needs. The cost of a roll-off depends on the size and length of service required, give us a call at 231-788-5096 to receive a quote or more information on our roll off services.

  • Roll Off containers get their name because they roll on and off of the service truck.
  • These containers are loaded from the top or in the back door.
  • The container can be delivered almost anywhere you can drive a large truck and are taken away completely for disposal.


Blue RMS Dumpster

Red RMS Dumpster









10 Cubic Yards 8ft W x 16ft L x 2.5ft H
Holds up to 30 squares of roofing.

15 Cubic Yards 8ft W x 16ft L x 3.5ft H
Holds up to 45 squares of roofing.

20 Cubic Yards 8ft W x 16ft L x 5.0ft H
Holds up to 60 squares of roofing. 

30 Cubic Yards 8ft W x 20ft L x 6.0ft H
Holds up to 90 squares of roofing.

40 Cubic Yards 8ft W x 22ft L x 7.0ft H
Not available for roofing tear-offs.

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